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Things to Consider Before Purchasing your Lockers

Date Added 04/08/2017

Before purchasing your lockers, or any other storage system for that matter, there are a few things you should perhaps consider. You don’t want to kit out your complex with hundreds of lockers to then find out you’ve ordered the wrong ones. You should answer all of these key questions when making a locker enquiry.

What is the Application They are Being Used For?

The lockers you require will be dependent on your situation and environment. For example – If you are buying for a primary school you may need to consider ¾ height lockers as your students most likely won’t be tall enough to reach anything higher. High schools, colleges and universities may want to consider laptop charging locker storage facilities. If you are buying for an emergency service you will require specialised lockers, e.g. Police lockers, Crew lockers, nurse lockers, clean and dirty lockers, etc.

What Size Lockers do you Require?

Lockers come in all shapes and sizes so it is important before you purchase your locker you know exactly what size you require. Standard lockers usually come in full height (1800mm high), ¾ height (1382mm high) and half height (896mm high). More specialised lockers come in a much wider range of sizes so it’s important you know what dimensions you require.

Another thing to bear in mind is the number of compartments your lockers will have – I.e. the number of doors or tiers you need. Standard lockers come with 1-6 doors, however more specialised lockers can have many more. Remember efficiency is key – Don’t waste space when you don’t need to, you may be able to get away with multi-compartment lockers rather than lots of 1 door lockers.

Here at West Pennine Storage Equipment we provide a full design and installation service when you require multiple lockers, so there is no need to panic asking yourself questions about what will fit where and what is the right product for you. West Pennine will be more than happy to do all the hard work for you.

Security is Important

The main goal of a locker is to keep people’s valuables secure whilst they are not there to monitor them, therefore you need to figure out what locking system you want for your locker. Here at West Pennine we provide plenty of different locking options so you won’t be stuck for choice!

Standard Deadlock – This is a simple and economical cam lock which provides user access with a small, easily replaced key. The lock is supplied with two keys and a master key is also available if needed.

Coin/Token Return Lock – These are ideal for when lockers have ‘shared’ users. The key is released when the coin (£/€) or token is inserted. The key is then captive again once the door is reopened and the coin/token is returned to the user.

Multi-User Combination Lock – These are ideal for facilities where keys are not desirable. The lock can be reset whenever the door is open. This allows the locker to be used by several people at different times throughout the day, reducing the number of locker compartments required and the need for keys.

Magnetic Catch Lock – This is specialised for the use in primary schools or other environments where the risk of key loss is high and security is minimal. The magnetic catch lock offers positive closure of the door.

Hasp & Staple Padlock Fitting – These locks transfer the responsibility for locking over to the user. The user is required to secure the locker with a padlock, this provides flexibility at the loss of some control over allocation of lockers.

Coin/Token Retain Lock – This locking system generates revenue from ‘shared’ user lockers. The key is released when the coin (£/€) or token is inserted. The key is then captive again once the door is reopened. The coin/token is retained in the box.

Digital Combination Lock – A simple-to-use, battery operated keyless lock. These combination locks can be programmed for dedicated single-user or multi-user ‘open access’ mode. A personal entry code can be set and changed, whilst a pre-set master code ensures supervisor access.

Nesting Lockers

Can you nest the lockers in a run? Lockers can be supplied as nested units. Lockers with the same overall dimensions, sharing common side panels can be manufactured and supplied fitted together. This saves on the steal that is used thus giving you the most economical solution.

Accessories to Consider

Before purchasing your lockers, you may want to consider some locker accessories.

Sloping Tops – Sloping tops are providing to be more and more popular especially in schools, hospitals and the food industry. This is because it prevents people from leaving things on the top of your lockers therefore things can’t fall down the back of them. This not only reduces the risk of a fire it is also much more hygienic.

Shelving – Additional shelving and dividers can be fitted in standard positions in most of our lockers, making your locker much tidier and organised.

Support Frame and Support Frame with Seat – Locker support frames and seat units raise lockers off the floor, reducing impact damage and making cleaning easier. Seating units can be incorporated into the locker frame as well as slatted seats to the front. They can also include a mesh shelf for footwear.

Bridge Unit Top – This is fitted to adjacent lockers using simple nuts and bolts. This incorporates a central, full length hanging rail with the option of ‘captive’ clothing hangers which cannot be removed. This prevents theft or loss. A bridge unit rack can also be provided to support footwear or other items.

Biocote Protection

All of our lockers are painted with Biocote protection. Biocote is a recognised coating by the NHS. It protects against MRSA, Legionella, E Coli, Salmonella, Pseudomonas and Aspergillus Niger.

Over a 24hour period Biocote reduces levels of bacteria on surfaces by up to 99.9% with rapid reductions of up to 80% within the first 2 hours.

Give us a call today on 01706 875500 where a member of our sales team will be more than happy to assist you.

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Things to Consider Before Purchasing your Lockers