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Charging Lockers


Our top quality range of UK manufactured steel device charging lockers provide 24 hour secure storage and charging of a wide variety of devices such as tablets, laptops & power tools. Featuring mains power and USB charging sockets, with air ventilation to prevent overheating. Charging lockers are supplied in a range of durable powder coated finishes & size options and a variety of lock types.

Charging lockers provide the perfect public secure storage solution for staff, guests, visitors whilst offering access to a valuable device charging opportunity; these charging lockers are modular and so can be installed as single standalone storage units or as part of a larger storage area in bigger buildings.

Charging Lokcer Benefits & Uses include

• Secure protection of valuable personal electronics or power tools
• Easy to use and operate device charging compartments
• Secure storage for public areas, workplaces, schools, universities, construction site etc.
• Charging lockers include a three pin UK plug for devices that use a power adaptor as well as a USB socket for tablets, phones, other media devices.

The transparent door feature in our steel Vision Charging Lockers feature a transparent door in each charging compartment allowing easy identification of each device, ideal where the charging locker is used by large numbers of people and not allocated to individuals.

Our range of Charging Lockers can be provided with a variety of lock mechanisms including key operated, hasp and staple, electronic and combination. In addition to having individual locking compartments, organisations can also order a Master Key (POA) to enable a supervisor to access the locker in case of need.

Please call us on 01706 875500 if you would like to discuss any special orders or have any questions.

Charging Lockers