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Spur Shelving

We are proud to offer the high quality British manufactured range of Spur® wall mounted light, medium and heavy duty integrated boltless shelving systems.  

The Spur® boltless shelving kits are specially manufactured in the UK for over 40 years, the Spur® Steel-Lok system provides super strong wall mounting, easy to install with light, medium and heavy duty boltless shelving capability.

The Spur® all-steel construction avoids the gradual deformation often found in other materials used under load for prolonged periods; Spur's thick gauge is stronger than other adjustable steel systems; the robust Spur® Steel-Lok does not damage easily making it ideal for challenging storage environments and high loadings. 

The durable epoxy / polyester or polyester powder finish prevents chipping; spur® boltless shelving is proven to resist commonly encountered chemicals and many solvents; enabling Steel-Lok to have a long service life whilst maintaining its quality appearance for many years.

Spur Shelving