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Barriers & Protection

At West Pennine we believe that protecting your racking is essential in order to maintain its strength and durability. The replacement of racking can be extremely expensive therefore our large range of pallet racking barriers and racking protectors are a must to provide your racking with the ultimate heavy-duty protection and ensures the safety of your racking for a much longer period of time.

Our rail protectors, rack protector barriers and posts, guardrails, Safety barriers and crash protection posts make excellent use in warehouses, factories and even outside in yards. They don't only protect your racking, they also protect pedestrians from forklifts, falling loads, machinery and other moving vehicles. Our high visibility racking barriers and protectors are fixed firmly into the ground which helps form a safe impact shield that will absorb the shock of an impact and prevent damage to your racking and prevent the harm to a passing pedestrian.

Barriers & Protection